Date Author Title

NOS (disorder, not otherwise specified)
Aby Kaupang and Matthew Cooperman

Rosa Alcalá

Site Cite City
David Buuck

The Nancy Reagan Collection
Maxe Crandall

Mina Pam Dick

Traffic and Weather
Marcella Durand

Ghosts by Albert Ayler, Ghosts by Albert Ayler
Merry Fortune

Late in the Antenna Fields
Alan Gilbert

deadfalls and snares
Samantha Giles

The Source
Noah Eli Gordon

Wild Peach
S*an D. Henry-Smith

The External Combustion Engine
Michael Ives

Some Mantic Daemons
Garrett Kalleberg

The Sissies
Evan Kennedy

Solar Maximum
Sueyeun Juliette Lee

The Malady of the Century
Jon Leon

The Story of My Accident is Ours
Rachel Levitsky

Under the Sun
Rachel Levitsky

Jill Magi

Jerika Marchan

Laura Mullen

Speech/Acts Exhibition Catalog
Meg Onli

Frances Richard

Sherwood Forest
Camille Roy

Emmalea Russo

Your Country Is Great
Ara Shirinyan

Near, At
Jennifer Soong

Troy, Michigan
Wendy S. Walters

Mad Science in Imperial City
Shanxing Wang

The Crisis of Infinite Worlds
Dana Ward

The Escape
Jo Ann Wasserman

Of Being Dispersed
Simone White

Poems of the Black Object
Ronaldo Wilson