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Futurepoem needs your support. Help us continue to publish groundbreaking new writing and provide important opportunities for emerging innovative writers through our annual open reading period. 

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*Many employers provide matching funds. Ask your employer to help your donation go twice as far. 

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Teach our Books
If you are interested in teaching our books in a university, community college or high school, let us know (info [at] futurepoem [dot] com) . We'd be glad to send you a desk copy if you give us a little information about your institutional affiliation and how you plan to use our book(s) in your curriculum. 

Sponsor a Book or Open Reading Period
If you are interested in sponsoring a specific upcoming book or our open reading period, we welcome your support. Please contact Dan Machlin our Executive Editor (dan [at] futurepoem [dot] com) for information on specific sponsorship opportunities. 

Sponsor an Editorial or Staff Position
If you are interested in sponsoring a specific staff position. Please contact Dan Machlin our Executive Editor (dan [at] futurepoem [dot] com) for information on specific position needs and opportunities. 

Gifts of Stock and Artwork
Please contact Dan Machlin our Executive Editor (dan [at] futurepoem [dot] com)  for information. Futurepoem, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Planned Giving
By making a planned gift to Futurepoem — as part of your estate plans — you can ensure that we continue to serve future generations of writers and readers. Our donors have a deep love of literature and an appreciation of the groundbreaking books that we've published since we began our work in 2002. Your legal advisor can help you with the appropriate bequest language. Please feel free to email Dan Machlin our Executive Editor (dan [at] futurepoem [dot] com) with any questions.

Donate Space 
Futurepoem is looking for venues that are interested in donating space for future events. We are also potentially looking for schools or organizations or small businesses that might be able to donate office space where our staff and interns can work and hold meetings. 

Partner with Us
Are you a bookseller, university, arts organization, gallery, other small press publisher, community organization or venue that would like to partner with Futurepoem. Drop us a line (
info [at] futurepoem [dot] com) and we can discuss it further. We welcome such collaborations!

Join our board
If you can help us develop a strategic plan for the future, are a fundraising expert who can help fund staff positions and fund our publishing program, please reach out and inquire about joining our board. We also need lawyers (ideally with arts / literary experience), accountants, people with technical/coding expertise and those with finance/budgeting experience. 


If you are interested in volunteering with Futurepoem. Contact Us at info [at] futurepoem [dot] com to find out ways you can become involved.

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Futurepoem offers year-long subscriptions to our book series. You can subscribe at any time and you’ll receive all the publications that we publish for that year.  You can view the different subscription options below, then select one to view that option in our online store. 

2019 Subscription options

Subscribers for 2019 will receive our next four 2019 titles and one extra backlist title. All subscriptions include the price of standard domestic shipping. Some levels include tax-deductible donations. 

Subscriptions include all Futurepoem titles (approx. 3–4) published in the year following the date of purchase. For 2019 these books will include:

G by Emmalea Russo (Winter 2018/2019)

Near, At by Jennifer Soong

The Nancy Reagan Collection by Maxe Crandall

Wild Peach by Sean D. Henry-Smith

1 additional backlist title

USPS standard shipping included

Standard 2019 Subscription - $75.00

Supporting 2019 Futurepoem Subscription - $125.00

Donor 2019 Futurepoem Subscription - $250.00

Benefactor 2019 Futurepoem Subscription - $500.00

Patron 2019 Futurepoem Subscription - $1,000.00


All prices above are for U.S. addresses only. If you are looking for an international subscription, please contact us at info@futurepoem.com for a price. 


Futurepoem is grateful to the following organizations and individuals for their ongoing and past support:

Significant Supporters and Patron/Benefactor Subscribers
Megan Adams
Sarah Riggs
Lisa Barsumian
Thomas Farrell
Albert Machlin 
Gillian McCain
Paypal Giving Fund

Supporting Subscribers
Maxe Crandall
Rhonda Lowry

Megan Adams
Nicholas Chiarella
S. Brook Corfman
Brenda Coultas
Mark Dow
Marcella Durand
Jennifer Firestone
E. Tracy Grinnell
Bob Holman
Sue Landers
Ann Lauterbach
Rachel Levitsky
Jerry Lieblich
Gillian McCain
Debrah Morkun
Martha Ronk
Geoffrey Olsen
Lisa Pearson
Liam Powell
Wendy Walters 
Lytton J Smith
Wen Zhuang
Lyndsey Bourne
E. Tracy   Grinnell

Charles Bernstein & Susan Bee
Laynie Browne 
David Buuck
Jennifer Firestone
Dan Gottfried and Loraine Machlin
Garrett Kalleberg
Ann Lauterbach
Rachel Levitsky
Ellen Levy
Jill Magi
Bill Mazza
Jena Osman
Dan Poppick
Roberto Tejada
Wendy Walters 
Quito and Elizabeth Zuba
Omar Berrada

Other Supporters

Laird Hunt & Eleni Sikelianos
Karla Kelsey
Edward McAdams
Matthew Moore
Jena Osman
Daniel Owen
Elena Rivera
Richard O'Russa
Kendra Sullivan
Ann Wetherington
Ian Dreiblatt

Other Recent and Past Supporters
Samuel Amadon, Matteo Ames, Aaron Apps, Samuel Amadon, Kate Angus, Jennie Armon, Veronica Barnes, Aaron Belz, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and Richard Tuttle, Jai Bilio, Daniel Borzutzky, Tyler Brewington, The Brooklyn Writer's Collective, Carolyn Bush, Allen Edwin Butt, Scott Burau, David Buuck, Cyndi & Larry Cain, Eric Clough, Dan Coffey, Jen Coleman, Bruce Covey, Thomas Cook, Claire Coyne, Brent Cunningham, Sara Dakant, Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee, Steven Dickison, Thomas Dodson, Claire Donato, Jessica DuLong, Kate Durbin, Richard O'Russa and Marcella Durand, Joseph Elliot, Laura Elrick, Sean Elwood and Yvonne Puffer, Hillary Fairbanks, Alaina Ferris Music, Jennifer Firestone, Megan Marie Fitzpatrick, Sandy Florian, Ryan Forsythe, Sam Frank, Greta Gertler, Alan Gilbert, Samantha Giles, Laura Goldstein, E. Tracy Grinnellm Frances Gonzalez, Noah Eli Gordon, James Graham, C. John Graham, Sara Greenslit, Samina Hadi-Tabassum, Wil Hallgren, Jacob Harksen, Christine Hochkeppel, Janet Holmes, Valerie Hsiung, Erica Hunt, Meg Hurtado, Katherine A Ingold, Brenda Iijima, Michael Ives, Ashlee Jacobson, Geoffrey Jacques, Dorothy Jackson, Serena Jost, Alystyre Julian, Garrett Kalleberg, Waldemar Kalinowski, Christine Kanownik, Dana Kelly, Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy, Amy Kirschenbaum, Eric Kocher, Dusty Kurtz, Krystal Languell, Gregory Laynor, Grace Leavitt, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Jessica Lent, Rachel Levitsky, Sean Ludan, Les Figues Press, Victoria LeStrange, Lauren Levin, Franciois Luong, Gary Lundy, Loraine Machlin and Dan Gottfried, Ken Machlin, Chris Martin and Mary Austin Speaker, Wythe Marschall, Ronald Martin, Madeline Marvar, Carol Mirakove, Joe Milazzo, Laura Moriarty, Laura Mullen, Nilanjan Mukherjee, Elinor Nauen, Jennifer Nelson, Marc Noble, Flying Object, Jena Osman, Nathaniel Otting, Coco Owen, Daniel Poppick, Katie Price, Kathryn Pringle, Greg Purcell, Heather Ramsdell, Marthe Reed, Frances Richard, Paul Richard, Alberto Rigettini, Ana Rocca, Camille Roy, Linda Russo, Karl Saffran, Kathryn Sanders, Jared Schickling, Jesse Seldess, Samuel Solomon, Kristin Sanders, Kate Sanserino, William Scott, Martin Glaz Serup, German Sierra, Shatter Your Leaves Records, Jessica Smith, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Joanna Sondheim, Juliana Spahr, Franklin Spector, Brian Snapp, Erika Staiti, Jared Stanley, Mark Stricker, Stacy Szymaszek, SUPERMACHINE, Paige Taggart, Jennifer Tamayo, Jesse Tangen-Mills, Naomi Tarle, Tarratine Quarterly, Andrew Terhune, Dan Thomas-Glass, Amanda Thorpe, Linda Trimbath, Tripwire, Genya Turovskaya, Divya Victor, Anne Waldman and Ed Bowes, Jacqueline Waters, Karen Weiser, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Afton Wilky, Marion Winter, Terry Wolverton, Nicholas Wong, Quito and Elizabeth Zuba

Foundation Support/Regrants
Literary Arts Emergency Fund (2020)
Paypal Giving Fund (2019, 2020)
Leaves of Grass Fund (2016, 2015)
LITTAP Facing Pages Mentorship Program and Travel Grant (2018, 2017, 2015)
Fund for Poetry (2013, 2003)
Jerome Foundation & CLMP Face Out program (2009-2010, 2012-2013)
Kayden Fund (regrant through University of Colorado) (2010)
New York Community Trust - Harris Shapiro Memorial Fund (2016, 2003) 

Government Support
New York State Council on the Arts (2004 – Present), with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. 
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (2016-2020, 2014-2015), in partnership with the City Council. 
National Endowment on the Arts (2006-2007 - through Fractured Atlas Productions Inc.) 
New York State Technical Assistance Program (NYTAP) (2016-2017,2015-2016, 2004-2005)

Corporate and Insitutional Support
Deutsch, Inc. (2012, 2011)

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses 
Fractured Atlas Productions, Inc. 

Funders and Partners

This project is supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. It is also supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.


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