About Us

Futurepoem books is a New York City-based publishing collaborative dedicated to presenting innovative works of contemporary poetry and prose by both emerging and important underrepresented writers.

Our rotating editorial panel shares the responsibility for selecting, designing and promoting the books we produce. Futurepoem also occasionally invites writers or multi-genre artists to produce work for special projects that is then documented in print or via other media.

Staff and Board

Founder and Executive Editor: Dan Machlin
Managing Editor: Carly Dashiell
Books Editor: Ted Dodson
Assistant Editor - Ariel Yelen
Special Projects - Batya Rosenblum
Special Projects: Dan Poppick
Other Recent Editors: Chris Martin, Jennifer Tamayo

Cover and Web Design: Everything Studio
Interior Book Design: Nikkita CohoonHR Hegnauer
Copyedit/Proof: Ted Dodson
Past Cover Designers: Anthony Monahan, Jeremy Mickel
Past Interior Design and Copyedit: Mary Austin Speaker, Typeslowly, Garrett Kalleberg, Marcella Durand, Chris Martin

Literary Advisory Board
Ann Lauterbach, Charles Bernstein

Board of Directors
Jeremy Sigler, President
Monica de la Torre, Vice President
Jay Sanders
Mimi Gross
Robert Fitterman
Dan Machlin

Guest Editors

Guest Editor Panel for 2017–2018

Our guest editors for 2017-2018 publicaiton season will be announced shortly.

Past Guest Editor Panels

Pierre Joris, 
Claudia La RoccoMonica McClure, Carly Dashiell and Dan Machlin (staff editors)
Selections: Emmalea Russo's G, and NOS by Aby Kaupang Cooperman & Matthew Cooperman

Omar Berrada, Dawn Lundy Martin, Jena Osman, Carly Dashiell and Dan Machlin (staff editors)
Selections: Jennifer Soong's Near, AtMaxe Crandall's The Nancy Reagan Collection 

Roberto Tejada, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Jennifer Tamayo (staff editor)
Selections: Rosa Alcala's My Other Tongue, Jerika Marchan's Swole

Myung Mi Kim, Ben Lerner, Albert Mobilio, Jennifer Tamayo (staff editor)
Selections: Simone White’s Of Being Dispersed (Forthcoming 2015), Evan Kennedy’s The Sissies (Forthcoming 2015)

Christian Hawkey, Richard Maxwell, Juliana Spahr, Jennifer Tamayo (staff editor)

Selections: David Buuck’s Site Cite City (Forthcoming 2015),  Sueyeun Juliette Lee’s Solar Maximum (Forthcoming 2015)

Tisa Bryant, Simone Forti, Bruce Hainley, Jen Hofer (guest editor + panel facilitator)

Selections: Samantha Giles’s Deadfalls & Snares, Wendy S. Walters’s Troy, Michigan 
(All four editors were involved in the selection of Samantha Giles book; Simone Forti, Jen Hofer and Tisa Bryant selected Wendy S. Walter’s book.)

Wayne Koestenbaum, Lytle Shaw, Anne Waldman, Dan Machlin (staff editor)

Selections: Jon Leon’s The Malady of This Century, Frances Richard’s Anarch.

Eileen Myles, Bob Perelman, Kim Rosenfield, Dan Machlin (staff editor)

Selections: Noah Eli Gordon’s The Source, Camille Roy’s Sherwood Forest

Tan Lin, Frances Richard, Jerome SalaDan Machlin (staff editor)

Selections: Mina Pam Dick’s Delinquent, Ronaldo Wilson’s Poems of the Black Object 

Robert Fitterman, Tonya Foster, Laura ElrickDan Machlin (staff editor)

Selections: Ara Shirinyan’s Your Country is Great, Marcella Durand’s Traffic & Weather

Ammiel Alcalay, Prageeta Sharma, Jen HoferDan Machlin (staff editor)

Selections: Jill Magi’s Threads, Laura Mullen’s Murmur 

Edwin Torres, Kristin Prevallet, Heather RamsdellDan Machlin (staff editor)

Selections: Shanxing Wang’s Mad Science in Imperial City, Michael Ives’s The External Combustion Engine

Brenda Coultas, Anselm Berrigan, Laird HuntDan Machlin (staff editor)

Selections: Jo Ann Wasserman’s The Escape, Merry Fortune, Ghosts by Albert Ayler, Ghosts by Albert Ayler

Other Publications

The following books were selected outside of the open reading period by Futurepoem’s permanent editors and board:

2013: Rachel Levitsky’s The Story of My Accident is OursDana Ward's The Crisis of Infinite Worlds
2011: Alan Gilbert’s Late in the Antenna Fields

The following two first titles of the press were selected by Founding Editor, Dan Machlin:

2002: Garrett Kalleberg’s Some Mantic Daemons, Rachel Levitsky’s Under the Sun 


Literary & Arts Organizations

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP)
Small Press Distribution
Fractured Atlas


McNally Jackson Books
Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop
192 Books

Unnameable Books

Past Event Partners

The St. Mark's Poetry Project

Poet's House
Center for Book Arts
Bowery Poetry Club
Queens Museum of Art
Printed Matter NY Art Bookfair at PS1/MOMA
Kelly Writers House
Poetic Research Bureau
Studio One Reading Series
Richard Hugo House
Asian American Writers Workshop 

Presses & Journals & Blogs

Entropy Magazine
Ugly Duckling Presse
Litmus Press
Les Figues Press
Fence Books
Coffee House Press
New Directions
Action Books
Archipelago Books
BOMB Magazine
Boog City
Portable Press at YoYo Labs
Roof Books
Kaya Books
The Physiocrats
A Public Space
Public Pool
Argos Books
Octopus Books
Poor Claudia
Harriet - the Poetry Foundation
Los Angeles Review of Books

Awards and Press


Recent Press
Michigan Quarterly Review Interview with forthcoming author Emmalea Russo (2017)
The New Yorker
 50 Best books of 2016, Of Being Dispersed
The Boston Globe, On Poetry, Of Being Dispersed (2016)
Harpers Magazine
, Simone White, Poem from On Being Dispersed (2016)

Poetry Foundation Blog (Harriet) on Of Being Dispersed (2016)
Publishers Weekly Review, Of Being Dispersed (2016)
Pen America from The Sissies (Excerpt) 2016
Arizona Poetry Center, Speedway & Swan Podcast, Evan Kennedy's The Sissies (2016)
Entropy Magazine, Small Press New Releases, The Sissies (2016)
Poets House, Showcase Reading by Simone White
Coldfront Magazine, Best 40 Poetry Books of 2014
Small Press Distribution, Staff Pick, Deadfalls & Snares 2015
Poets.org, Samantha Giles (2014)
Poetrysociety.org, Wendy Walters (2014)
Poets & Writers, Ten years of Debut Poets (2014)
American Book Review (July/August 2013)
Drunken Boat (2013)
Harriet, The Poetry Foundation (2013)
Triple Canopy Interview with Rachel Levitsky (2013)
Hyperallergic, Rachel Levitsky (2013) 
Huffington Post, Dana Ward's Crisis of Infinite Worlds (2012)
BOMB Magazine, Frances Richard with Anne Waldman (2012)


Press Awards

Asian American Literature Award for Poetry
2010: Ronaldo Wilson’s Poems of the Black Object
2006: Shanxing Wang’s Mad Science in Imperior City

Publishing Triangle Thom Gunn Award for Gay Poetry
2010: Ronaldo Wilson’s Poems of the Black Object

American Institute of Graphic (AIGA) Arts 50 Books / 50 Covers Award
2009: Mina Pam Dick, Delinquent
2005: Shanxing Wan’s Mad Science in Imperial City
2004: Michael Ives’s The External Combustion Engine